Ashlee‘s story

I had a very complicated delivery and had been performed a repair surgery of perineal laceration. However, after the operarion, I was unable to pee and poo. The hospital just let me take and remove the urinary catheter repeatedly to see if I can pee myself. After several trials, I had lived with a catheter for more than twenty days but still could not pee by myself.
When I was very desperate, I found there is Beijing Tong Ren Tang in Stockholm which is a famous Chinese medcine brand in China, so I went there asking for help. Like a magic, I can pee normally just after two times of acupuncture. I will never forget the feeling the first time that I could pee myself after the treatment. That saves my life! And also they helped me solve poo problem with some Chinese medicine which was put on my stomach rather than taken in. It is safe for a breastfeeding mother!
I really appreciate Beijing Tong Ren Tang and recommend acupuncture to people who have similar issues.